A little shadowrun thoughtworm

first adventure

The party begins in Daggerdale, at the spire of lathander’s light.

Daughfin the mighty dwarven paladin of lathander (Parents are in an army)
Aspen, Human Cleric of Lathander from farming family brother crabgrass, sister hyacinth. Twins Wheat and Chaff Mother and 2 siblings killed by undead.
Wimbert Moonfellow Halfling monk of lathander, and embroiderer.

Moonfellow Tailors and Tapestries (Vile cousin Hurbert)

Joining the order of Aster at the Morninglord’s Spire in Daggerdale.
High Morninglord Robert WindRider

After Aspen was pinned down in a conversation about dwarven linguistics for the first hour or so of prep before their initiation ceremony, it was discovered by Wimbert that not only was there no wine or beer at the party, but that the servant gone to discover what happened to it was missing! Wimbert saves Aspen from her conversation, and followed by Daughfin, the group heads towards the cellar to find out what happened.

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